Your mission, should you accept: follow the white rabbit 🐇

Life is a mystery. You are born, cry, crawl, start walking, go to school, get a job, a partner, maybe a child, a pet, a house, a car. And there you are. Satisfied? Enough for you? Not quite yet? Consider realizing your Jing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is embedded in philosophical traditions like Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism. But also strongly leans on common sense: just watching Mother nature performing her job, one season after the other. While the Universe turns. This message is hidden in the strophe of the Dao-de-Ching: “Do nothing and everything will be done”. Sounds good, doing nothing. You might think: I can do that!

Don’t waste time 🕑

Only we 21st century western humans are not very good at doing nothing. Lay back, let things develop. Sounds like patience. Who has patience these days? I don’t. I am in a rush getting everything possible out of life 24/7 x 365. So, if you are a little like me, you like to move. Get things going. Sitting behind the wheel gives a sense of control, of being alive. But are you just happy cruising or heading in a direction? Is your job (sorry, career), your partner, your child, your pet, house, car, what your life stands for? If your answer is ‘yes’, then stop reading now . Drive through please. Don’t waste your precious time here.Gijs

Your mission

So I guess, I’m now just talking to you. You feel, sense, there must be something bigger, better for you awaiting then today. That you came here on earth with some kind of mission. Well, I have a happy message for you: that mission, your own private mission, is right here, under your nose. Or to be more precise and according to the ancient Chinese tradition: it’s in your Kidneys. That’s right: you mission is in your Jing. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that life, animation, is possible due to a few substances. One of them is Jing, also called Essence, a dense form of Qi. You are born out of the Essence of your parents. They procreated you with their own Jing. And after cutting the navel string, life starts for you: a unique and time bound product of the universe.

Present for you🎁

So what’s this got to do with your Kidneys? The Kidneys, or a more accurate, a zone between your Kidneys, contains your life source. It’s the DNA from your family lineage, the base of your energy during life and, as promised, contains your mission. A seed with the contours of a could-be future, that what you can become. A present just for you to unwrap. So Jing, Kidneys, Essence. Great story! Knew that already anyway. Boring 🥱 Just tell me quickly: what is my mission?

“The universe is the only one with time on its side”

Of course it would be too easy for the universe to give you your mission on a plate. You might have guessed that. So you have to find it out for yourself. While your life is in full swing, evolving in distinct directions, distracting you with different and maybe even difficult relationships, material desires and contradictory emotions. Somewhere inside your mission awaits you.

Flow 🏄

So you might ask: where to start looking for my mission, this Jing-thing?
What about inside your Heart? You know that precious organ with so many forms. What activities makes your heart shine? When do you feel aligned with something bigger than yourself? When are you riding the wave? When are you in flow? Forgetting time. Ascend in doing, in being. Be aware of these moments. Collect them. Write them down. And find the red line. The bigger picture will evolve in time. Play, make mistakes, fail, cry, get up again, become.

Let’s do great things ♻️

So this is your mission for today. And all the days that will follow until your Jing is depleted.

Follow the white rabbit.
Follow your inner guide.

And when your guide talks lingo, just wait, listen better, take time to sharpen your inner senses. Universe was not built in a day, remember. But keep moving. Don’t lay back. Change like nature changes. Rest to restore. Connect to the heavens and the earth. Don’t waste time. Because, you see, the universe is the only one with time on its side. If you fail to realize your mission in life or just ignore the gift hidden in your Jing, the universe will simply put it in somebody else’s Jing. And that would be a real pity. When it could have been you doing all those great things.

Bon voyage! Give me a call when you arrive👋

P.S.: Ik heb geen idee waarom deze tekst in het Engels is. Hij ontstond na het kijken naar de inspirerende workshop van Mike Mandl tijdens het European Shiatsu Congres in september 2020. Volgens mijn ‘eindredacteur’ is het brak Engels en niet geschikt voor publicatie. Dat eerste geloof ik graag. Dat andere klopt niet helemaal 😉


P.S.: The White Rabbit is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll’s 1865 book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. He appears at the very beginning of the book, in chapter one, wearing a waistcoat, and muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” Alice follows him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Alice encounters him again when he mistakes her for his housemaid Mary Ann and she becomes trapped in his house after growing too large. The Rabbit shows up again in the last few chapters, as a herald-like servant of the King and Queen of Hearts (Bron: Wikipedia)

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  1. Zo zie je maar, dat het niet de woorden zelf zijn, maar dat het gaat om de essentie.
    Sterker: indien je de essentie leest zonder op de woorden te letten, zie je de onvolkomenheden niet eens


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