Tsubook gives Shiatu community its own app

Tsubook is one of the first apps that focuses on shiatsu therapists. The free version is already too good to be true. In this, the 360 acupuncture points of the 12 main meridians are clearly shown on a 3D model. It’s a handy tool to add to your points knowledge if you are on the road or in a café. I spoke to the creators.

Logo Tsubook app

Carla Sofia, an Italian designer and shiatsu therapist, and Nicolas Form, a French IT-guy, are the developers of Tsubook. The idea for the app started during Carla’s shiatsu study. She found it annoying to carry thick books with her constantly. With her friend, Nicolas, she made a prototype for an app during one weekend, and her fellow students reacted enthusiastically. This led to Tsubook 1.0 in March 2016. Now we are at version 2.3, and there are more than 1000 Tsubook users each month with the app’s development being their full-time business.

 What’s in the free version of Tsubook 2.3?

  • The name and location of all the acupuncture points of the 12 Zang-Fu meridians, pictured on a genderless 3D model.
  • For the Lung :  point indications (e.g. cough), point categories (Front-Mu, Back-Shu), the TCM description (“Regulates Lung-qi”), and the point name in Japanese, Chinese and English.

That’s  a lot! Most acupuncture apps ask more money for less functionality.

Don’t take my word for it, convince yourself and download the free version of Tsubook.com

Tsubook screen images

And what’s in the paid version (27.99 euro, Apple and Android)?

Of course: the functionality of the free version:

  • For all 12 Zang-Fu meridians per point: the indications (with direct access to other points that also support this indication); point categories e.g. headache (with direct access to other points in the category); TCM description; and the point name in Japanese, Chinese and English.
  • An overview of the Front-Mu, Back-Shu, Yuan, Luo, Xi-cleft and masterpoints. Plus a list of the 5-element points.
  • A search system for indications, to quickly find one in particular.

Everything depicted on that 3D model.

Tsubook Version 3.0

At the end of 2017, the release of Tsubook 3.0 is planned. In this update, points will be projected on a skeleton of the 3D model. Also, all meridians will be projected on the same side of the body, giving you a better picture of the location relative to each other.

European Shiatsu Conference

Carla and Nicolas lead a nomadic existence. When I spoke to them through Skype they were in Budapest. Their next destination is Vienna, where they will present Tsubook during the European Shiatsu Congress. “We want to bring Tsubook to the attention of teachers and therapists: to see what they think of the app; how they work with it; to improve Tsubook and to find help to translate it. That’s all more important than selling. ”


This article is translated with help from Tamsin Grainger
Thank you Tamsin 🙂