Need some Shiatsu Qi? Come to the European Shiatsu Congress in Vienna!

From 28 September to 1 October, Vienna is the stage of the fifth European Shiatsu Congress (ESC). The theme of this edition: ‘shiatsu as a therapy. Is shiatsu the Therapy of the Future?‘ How can shiatsu develop further? This is explored in workshops and presentations by more than 30 speakers with (so far) 450 participants from 25 countries. Above all, the ESC is a meeting place and source of inspiration for shiatsu practitioners. Organizer Mike Mandl has great expectations and is ready for the shiatsu magic.

European Shiatsu Congres Wenen 2017

The ESC has been held every three years since 1999. The first edition was in Vienna. Then four times in the Kientaler Hof, high in the mountains in Switzerland. Now the ESC is back in town. “The Kiental is a wonderful place, but actually, a little isolated. I wanted to go back to Vienna with a big event. To give shiatsu, practitioners, schools, the whole community an inspiring and vital boost. This is what shiatsu needs right now,” says Mike Mandl.

Who’s attending the Shiatsu Congress?

“The program is aimed at shiatsu practioners, so most participants have a shiatsu background. In practical workshops we cover a lot of subjects. The depth is limited: a workshop usually takes about 3 hours. It’s a start. Get acquainted with other practioners, who have been working with a particular topic or theme for years.”

“A global community that wants to spread health, love and insight with their hands”

Is talking about shiatsu not boring? Shouldn’t you just do it?

“I work for 20 years full time as shiatsu practioner and experience how important it is to talk about shiatsu. To meet like-minded people, share insights, ask questions, receive feedback. The previous congress inspired me enormously. I felt part of a bigger whole, an international movement, a global community that wants to spread health, love and insight with their hands. ”

If you can only go to one workshop during the congress, which one would you choose?

“I would go to a workshop of one of the people trained by Masunaga. Everyone relates to Masunaga in one way or the other, but few have worked with him. I am curious what he taught his students. So I’m going to Saito or Endo.”

Portret van Mike Mandl, organizer European Shiatsu Conference 2017 in Wenen
Mike Mandl organizes the European Shiatsu Conference 2017 in Vienna

Can you also get of give a shiatsu massage as a participant?

“The daytime program is quite full and it depends on the speaker to what extent a workshop is practical. In the evening there is time and space for hands-on shiatsu. We have a separate room where everyone can give or receive shiatsu, if they feel to. We hope that many practitioners make use of this and will do a lot of shiatsu. ”

And what’s the ‘dress code’ during the congress?

Mike: “Comfortable stuff during the day. And for the gala evening bring your best suit!”

At the conference various shiatsu training schools and federations are represented. The Netherlands seems not to be represented. Because someone has to do it, I will go 🙂 Therefore, you can expect more information about the ESC in the coming period, and I will also post (stonecoal) English versions of my blogs.

ESC in short

Where:  Mariahilferstrasse 115, 1060 Vienna
When: 28 September to 1 October 2017

The program
The speakers

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