Altijd al een echte shiatsu-sensai aan het werk willen zien?

Afgelopen weekend dook op YouTube een video op van Shizuto Masunaga, de grondlegger van de Zen-shiatsu. Alhoewel, opduiken is misschien niet het goede woord, want de video stond toen al ruim twee jaar online. Ik vroeg de ‘ontdekker’ van de video, Kristina Pfeifer, een shiatsu therapeute uit Wenen, waarom de video voor haar zo bijzonder is.

Kristina: “The video is special because I am able to see how Masunaga is working. Shizuto Masunaga is like a myth to us younger practitioners. Now, the myth becomes viewable and can be more closely reconstructed by oneself… Now, I will have to work on this video for several months for getting certain moves and certain agility as Masunaga shows into my own bones. It is a good exercise to read movements and to learn. Some steps from this video I have already tried and they actually do make a difference.”

Deeper understanding

“I am a pupil of a marvellous shiatsu school in Austria and I really had a hard and intensive training back then that I will always be glad to have experienced and that helps me get my practice filled with clients intensively. But learning never stops. Modern shiatsu is more advanced and a lot of moves got improved in last decades. If we are able to check out the roots as well, we will gain a deeper understanding, an understanding that is not only 3 dimensions but rather 4 or more dimensions in our mind. This video is changing my way of thinking on a subconscious level. I am happy to share feelings about the video with other practitioners. This is a most vivid thing humans can do and I love it when it happens. ”

Kristina Pfeifer is ook de drijvende kracht achter het shiatsu research network, een initiatief om wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar shiatsu te stimuleren, ontstaan tijdens het European Shiatsu Congres.

De smaak te pakken? Je vindt hier nog meer videos over shiatsu.