“When we touch, we always get an answer”

Day 1 @European Shiatsu Congress 2017 in Vienna At the end of September 2017, I visited the European Shiatsu Congress in Vienna, the biggest Shiatsu event in European history so far. Much learned, much seen, made contact with other Shiatsu approaches and practitioners. First of all, Vienna. Everyone says: beautiful city … Lees verder

How I met the Wiener Schnitzel girl @the European Shiatsu Congress

Picture a huge conference room. A classic ambience with a wooden floor and 100 mats on it. On the mats are the participants of the European Shiatsu Congress. There is a man dressed in white at the front. Beside him sits a woman on a chair. I cannot see her face but her body posture suggests she is not the happiest human in the world. He asks her: “What do you feel?” She answers: “Sadness. Loneliness. Being unconnected”.

Lees verderHow I met the Wiener Schnitzel girl @the European Shiatsu Congress

Mike Mandl: “We can learn from burn out”

Learn from burn out

This week  the magic starts at the European Shiatsu Congress (ESC) in Vienna. Mike Mandl (1969) organizes the conference and is also a shiatsu therapist. At the ESC he offers workshops on his specialty: burn out. I asked Mike 5 questions about this personal, spiritual and social challenge. It is … Lees verder